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From the beginning, the most important thing was that all production steps are based on the principle of sustainability. The construction process begins with the selection of native deciduous trees on the Lower Austrian forest floor. The tree blanks get collected, are peeled by hand and then slowly dried to keep any cracks small. This increases the strength of the wood structure and ensures maximum resilience of the mau scratching posts. A characteristic feature of these natural scratching posts is the fine and smooth surface. With sandpaper of different grain size we start with coarse and steadily increase the grit to give the heart of the scratching post that certain finishing touch. Now the scratching post is ready to be coated with natural oil and can thus guarantee long-term protection of the wood, durability, ergo cat joy. In the following production step, a sisal rope is wrapped around parts of the trunk to enable safe climbing. The platforms are cut to size, attached to the blank and covered with a sheepskin or artificial fur. The solid base plate is now mounted and voila - your mau natural scratching post is just waiting to be explored by your little tigers.




The essential part of the entire mau cat tree is the tree trunk. Only deciduous trees from the immediate vicinity are used, which have to be cut down due to storm damage or necessary sealing due to lack of space. Mainly beech and ash are used. However, this depends very much on which tree species has to be felled and is also available and suitable for production. The quality of the wood can be guaranteed by a long and good acquaintance with the forest owner and is also reflected in increased confidence in the production of the manufactured scratching posts. The individual trunks are each offered at an appropriate height, whereby the potential resilience of your house tiger is also guaranteed. To increase safety, the solid base plate and the platforms are connected to the tree trunk with metal sleeves and matching screws. This system also offers multiple safe set-up and dismantling processes without compromising stability. Which turns out to be quite positive, if your room tigers should plan a change of scenery.


In addition to being visually recognizable, the fur is only part of the mau scratching post for one reason: namely, to achieve maximum lying comfort. Since the satisfaction of your cuddly tiger is our top priority, it is important to us to ensure the quality of the fur. This works best through close contact with the source, with added self-assurance from insight into their production process. It is a small Lower Austrian tannery with family management. The skins come exclusively from Austrian sheep. If sheepskin is not desired as a cover for the platforms, it is also possible to use artificial fur as a substitute.


base plate

Without base plate, no stability. Without stability, no resilience. Without resilience, there is no climbing paradise for your room tiger. Exactly this mentioned strength is offered to you with our base plates. The structure is based on the concept of a specially manufactured three-layer board, in which the lower layer and the core are made of spruce, the top layer consists of a brushed and oiled original old oak floor and is therefore a guaranteed eye-catcher in your living room. This carpentry business is located in Upper Austria.


The stability explained in the base plate is reflected in our platforms. The platforms are decoratively coated panels on both sides with a high-quality wood look. This is of course adapted to the color scheme of the base plate and both harmonize perfectly. The combination of plate and attached sheepskin also convinces with a lot of style. Its slip resistance is ensured by the use of Velcro strips, which also makes it possible to remove the fur, shake it out or wash it by hand. Our platforms are traditionally delivered to us by an Austrian company based in Tyrol.



In order to meet the cat's natural instinct, we offer the best alternative with the mau scratching posts, so that your cuddly tigers can live out their scratching desire to the fullest. This is guaranteed by a high-quality sisal rope, which is attached to the tree at selected points. The decisive factor here is the good quality, which achieves a corresponding longevity and the appearance is not impaired by the ropes fraying too much. A positively achieved side effect is that your mau scratching post replaces your favorite scratching furniture, which results in a win-win situation. In close cooperation with the rope company, specially made, hanging lying areas have also been created. These are lined with our  for maximum comfort. Optionally, it is also possible to mount strong hemp ropes. These also serve as scratching objects, but also as toys with an additional eye-catcher guarantee for your living space.

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