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Individual natural scratching posts made in Austria


handmade, regional, sustainable


nature combined with design


playground & save haven

You can spoil your house cats with a bit of nature in your own four walls. An oasis of calm for all cuddly tigers out there!

- cat approved -


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Here you will find the entire collection of our ready-to-ship mau scratching posts.

Take your time and allow yourself to be inspired!



The origin of the idea goes back to the eternal friendship with our then new addition of two baby cats. Grew up in an attic apartment with an additional second home in a large house on the edge of the forest. The combination is within reach. To underline the hierarchical order in the household, I designed a 2.50 meter high prototype for the reigning siblings. Thus, the playground at the edge of the forest has been integrated into their kingdom in Vienna with a certain touch of nature.

This lays the foundation of our idea origin. The first mau natural scratching post was accepted immediately and has since served as a place to sleep, play and scratch.

With the addition of a little furry dog to the family, in cat jargon also referred to as a man's second best friend, the second natural scratching post went into production.

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