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Our main goal of this product line is to make natural scratching posts accessible to every cat owner. The most important thing for us is to create a perfect combination of utility and quality. Exactly this, we have succeeded with the mau standard natural scratching posts.


BENGAL natural scratching posts are made of carefully selected components.


There is an amazing harmony of these components in terms of stability, their fit and design.


In our raw material sourcing, we pay special attention to the shortest possible travel distance in order to make the production as sustainable as possible.


Especially essential for us is the wide variation of models and faux fur colors.


Bengal Platforms

Our Bengal platforms are ideally divided among our individual prefabricated models and deliberately placed to provide maximum comfort for your felines to lie on.

Bengal faux fur

In this product series we deliberately use artificial fur, for the benefit of animal welfare, as well as for the well-being of sensitive cats. Our selection of colors is wide, so that the overall appearance is ideally complemented in any living room. 


Note: Please enter the desired fur color in the comment during the ordering process.


Here is the link to our faux fur in - SHOP -

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